2022 Gala Auction Chairs:  Kristina Hildebrandt and Gader Ibrahim

Auction Committee: Heidi Burns, Kiersten Dummit, Eva Flores, Atosa Hyatt, Nicole Lising, Rosette Nachman, Allison Pacourek, Kristin Quinn, Carolina Shandell, Rene Watts, Rita Weise


The auction committee is looking for auction items or in-kind goods and services that will enable us to offset a large portion of event expenses and allow the majority of the funds raised to go directly toward our school. 

We are seeking items that have a tradition of being popular such as food and wine or unique products and experiences that are hard to get or not offered to the public. 

Some examples include:

  • Concert experiences with box seats or back stage access

  • Behind the scene tours (sporting events, theater, movies, etc.)

  • Sporting experiences: Baseball dugout, Football field access, etc.

  • Vacations: Weekend getaways, luxury hotel escapes, private or unique getaways, yacht excursions, private jet or airline tickets to package with a trip.

  • VIP Restaurant Experiences

  • Wine Tastings or Tours

  • Luxury Goods


All donations are tax deductible, as St. Anne School is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. If you have questions or have an item to donate, please contact our Auction Chairs Gader Ibrahim at or Kristina Hildebrandt at


The deadline to make a donation is Friday, March 11, 2022.

Any other questions gala-related, please contact Lindsay Winn, Special Events and Parent Engagement Manager at

To donate an auction item, click the button below